Nodal Officers / Engagement & Responsibility

SL#Name & Designation of nodal officersResponsibility assigned in the designated area
1 Sri. S.K. Mangaraj, J.P.C., Sports & Y.S. Department (Cell : 94XXXX3934) & AFI President Room Organizing Committee Room AFI Secretary Room AAA Secretary Room AAA President Room
2 Sri. Lokanath Patra, Accountant, BPSPC (Cell : 98XXXX2915) & Control Room-Volunteers (Chamber of Manager, BPSPC)
3 Sri A.K.Mishra, Sr. Coach, Volleyball! (Cell : 94XXXX1108) & Dormitory No. 21 (AC)- Police Control Room,( Sr. Officers) Dormitory No. 19 & 20 - Police Control Room,
4 Sri. A.B. Das, Asst. Director, Sports & Y.S. Department (Cell : 94XXXX4328) & Dormitory No. 24 (AC)- Control Room Works Dormitory No. 23 (AC)- Game Secretariat-I!/ Medical Dormitory No. 22 (AC)- Event Management Office
5 Sri. P. Dharma Rao, Wt. Lifting Coach, SH, Bhubaneswar (Cell : 94XXXX6595) & Smt. Padmini Mohanty, Wt. Lifting Coach (Cell : 97XXXX0338) & Gym & Conditioning Hall
6 Sri K.C. Choudhury, Hockey Coach, SH, Bhubaneswar (Cell : 94XXXX4335) & Main Stadium, F.O.P
7 Smt. N. Acharya, J.P.C., Sports & Y.S. Department (Cell : 94XXXX9092) & Medal Ceremony Room Medal Ceremony Flag Medal Ceremony Volunteer Room
8 Sri Sanatan Sahoo, Sr. DSO (Cell : 94XXXX4017) & Sri H.K Mishra,, Prog. Asst., SYWB (Cell : 94XXXX6414) & Sri Malaya Kumar, Behera, Sr. Asst, SH, Bhubaneswar (Cell : 95XXXX461) & Media Centre Media Centre Conference Hall Mixed Zone Media Tribune Media Lounge
9 Sri. P.K. Sarangi, Hockey Coach (Cell : 94XXXX2599) & Post Competition Control Centre Male & Female Doping Control Centre Processing Room Toilet Medical Doctor's Cabin Medical Waiting Room Consultation Room Male & Women Competition Management Room
10 Smt. Amulya Behera, Hockey Coach, Sports Hostel, Panposh (Cell : 98XXXX3307) & Requirements of Control Rooms at Hockey Stadium
11 Sri. S.N Senapati, V B. Coach, SH, Bhubaneswar (Cell : 94XXXX7931) & Sports Equipment Store & Electronic Equipment Store
12 Sri. S.K. Naik, Sr. Coach, Swimming (Cell : 94XXXX7776) & Technical Delegate Room Photo Finish Room Announcer Cabin jury of Appeal International Technical Official Room Competition Manager Room
13 Sri Rajesh Singh, Basketball Coach SH, Bhubaneswar (Cell : 94XXXX9646) & Technical Information Centre 'Final Call Room Combined Event Rest Room
14 Dr. Manmohan Rout, Principal, G.C.P.E., Bhubaneswar (Cell : 94XXXX0745) & Smt. Manjulata Nayak, Lecturer, G.C.P.E., Kulundi (Cell : 94XXXX9168) & Warm-up Area (Runs & Jumps ), First call room, weight training room, medical tent, athletes lounge, Ice bath, toilet, massage room, equipment storage tent
15 Sri. Suresh Mohapatra, Lecturer, G.C.P.E., Bhubaneswar (Cell : 94XXXX4758) & Warm-up Area (Throw) First call room